Inspired by アザーライフ アザードリームス (Azure Dreams), a videogame developed by Konami and released on the Sony PlayStation in 1998.

 In the rural village of Seiram is a world wonder; a magical tower of nigh-unfathomable height and even less comprehensible mystery. The Eternal Tower, as it has come to be known, is home to vast treasures, enchanted artifacts, and strange creatures, some monsterous and others benign Many adventurers travel to Seiram questing for gold and glory, but few manage to achieve what they desire.

 The magic empowering the Eternal Tower is ancient and supremely advanced, vexing scholars from all over the world. Many believe that the shifting layout of its interior – making no two visits the same – is the curse of a trickster god who, eons ago, built the tower into which he lured hapless travelers to satisfy his own amusement. Others reason that the tower itself is a gateway to multiple dimensions, which explains the multitudes of species that thrive within, the infinite treasures to be found, and the ever changing floors that never fail to confuse newcomers. Whatever the true history of the tower is, nobody knows.

 Though almost completely surrounded by desert land, Seiram itself is a growing and prosperous town. Much of its income comes from the bands of local adventurers, who explore the Eternal Tower and sell their findings to merchant caravans. Foreign daredevils who test their luck in the tower spend their nights in Seiram's sole inn, "The First Floor," and their hours not spent looting the tower are equaled by their gold spent touring the town.

 Whether toward local or foreign parties, however, the tower's dangers do not discriminate. Its shifting floors and ever changing layouts never fail to baffle all but those with the most absolute direction sense, and many of those who fail to return from the tower have merely lost their way. The countless monsters that walk the corridors range from the mere rodent pest to the mightiest of dragons, and not all of them will simply ignore the careless wanderer. Even the treasures themselves can be fatal to the touch; many are guarded, hidden, or trapped. Many more are protected by all of the above.

 So, fellow adventurers, whether you be a resident of Seiram who spent their life dreaming of wealth, a fortune-hunter from lands faraway seeking to bolster your own collections, or a curious soul who wishes to investigate the mysteries of the world, welcome! The Eternal Tower is yours to venture, if you dare.

Eternal Tower

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